About Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

At Adamas, we believe in the power and the promise of medicines derived from a deep understanding of time-dependent biology. All biological processes, including the body’s responses to disease and drug interventions, are governed by complex timing patterns. When the timing of disease and drug responses are out of sync, patient outcomes can be compromised.

Our expertise lies in uncovering and mapping the relationship of timing patterns between disease and drug activity. From there, we strive to create medicines with therapeutic profiles that match the pattern of disease to potentially drive a more significant and durable clinical effect. As a result, our medicines are designed to provide patients with what they need, when they need it—the right level of drug at the right place and time to enhance efficacy—and then lower levels of drug when they don’t need it. Our medicines are developed to be timed to benefit patients.

A unique understanding of time-dependent biological processes informs our every innovation, targeting advancement in treatment of chronic neurologic disorders.

Our Approach
Sources of Time-Dependent Biology

All biological responses involve elements of time. At Adamas, we’ve studied these temporal responses and developed a discovery and validation approach to synchronize the timing of drug response to patterns of disease symptom activity. The elements of time dependency we investigate include:

Disease patterns
Due to the underlying biology, the occurrence and severity of disease symptoms may change throughout the day
Initial rate-of-rise in drug concentration
The speed at which drug concentration increases in the body may drive tolerability and efficacy responses
Timing of drug response
Matching the timing of drug levels to disease patterns may maximize treatment benefit
Pathway sequence
Drugs acting sequentially along a pathway may produce an outcome that is greater than the sum of the individual effects (synergy)

We continue to search for time-dependent patterns in diseases to reshape medicines and drive improved clinical outcomes for people in need.

Company Leadership
Executive Management
Gregory T. Went, PhD Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Alfred G. Merriweather Chief Financial Officer
Richard A. King Chief Operating Officer
Rajiv Patni, MD Chief Medical Officer
Jennifer J. Rhodes Chief Business Officer, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Corporate Secretary
Christopher B. Prentiss Chief Accounting Officer
Board of Directors
Gregory T. Went, PhD Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael F. Bigham Mardi C. Dier Martha J. Demski William Ericson, JD Ivan Lieberburg, MD, PhD John MacPhee, MPH David L. Mahoney
Core Values

At Adamas, our core values guide us as we work together to improve the lives of people affected by chronic neurologic disorders of the central nervous system.

about what we do
and how we do it
think right to left,
plan ahead
shared goals, open
and collaboration
support and
Corporate Responsibility

At Adamas, quality is demonstrated by our data-driven, collaborative, and passionate employees who strive to develop drugs to improve the quality of life of those affected by chronic disorders of the central nervous system.

As an emerging pharmaceutical company, our primary responsibilities are to protect the health and well-being of those who participate in our clinical trials and beyond in the healthcare system.

Assuring the quality of our products, clinical trials, and all company activities and procedures is critical to fulfilling those objectives.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards and are committed to upholding all applicable laws, regulations, and industry codes. We instill our core values of integrity and quality into all of our practices, policies, and procedures, including our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

It is our expectation that every Adamas employee, consultant, vendor, supplier, and agent embody this standard of ethics. We encourage the reporting of any known or suspected violations of law, regulation, our policy, procedure, or standard operating procedure associated with our business activities.

If you are aware of a situation that you believe may involve such violations, please report this information to the Legal and Compliance Department or the Chief Compliance Officer at

You can also reach the Adamas “Speak Up” Helpline at 1-844-644-4174 or online at Calls can be made anonymously, except as otherwise required by law.

Business Development

We are interested in new opportunities to enhance the value of our products, including partnerships and collaborations, consistent with our corporate strategies to develop and commercialize differentiated medicines for patients.

To inquire about business development opportunities with Adamas, please click here to contact us.