Our culture

We’re a group of motivated individuals who aim to make a real difference every day

Katie from Adamas with her Uncle Roger, who has Parkinson’s

An agile team with a can-do spirit

At Adamas, we are driven by purpose. We harness the incredible passion and talents of everyone at Adamas, and combine that with scientific innovation and customer excellence to achieve our goals and create a great place to work.

We thrive on collaboration, and we encourage our team members’ voices to be heard. As a growing, entrepreneurial company, our people are able to be agile, flexible, and innovative. People at Adamas feel directly connected to the impact our work has on patients’ lives.

Our core values

How we behave and work together are as important as what we deliver. Our values act as a foundation to guide all of our decisions and interactions, and ensure we work together to achieve our collective potential.

Put patients first. Commit to our people. Act with integrity & respect. Exceed expectations. Embrace the journey.
Put patients first

We are committed to serving patients and care partners in a meaningful way, breaking down barriers between patients and our medicines, and delivering results that truly make a difference to peoples’ lives.

Commit to our people

Our people deserve the room to be extraordinary. We want them to develop and thrive, have fun, feel supported, and be able to use their skills and judgment to their fullest potential.

Act with integrity & respect

Working together with trust, respect, and authenticity is essential to who we are. We empower and support each other, hold each other accountable, and always look for ways to collaborate as a team.

Exceed expectations

Innovation, creativity, and curiosity fuel our ability to deliver a meaningful impact to everyone we serve.

Embrace the journey

We strive to be brave, ambitious, passionate, and open-minded. By valuing each other’s experiences and perspectives, we embrace the adventure and the journey together.

Employee spotlight

Our employees bring the Adamas mission to life every day. In order to make a meaningful impact on patients’ lives we must first invest in our people. We develop and harness their incredible passion and talents, and combine it with scientific innovation and customer excellence in order to achieve our goals and create a great place to work.

We are dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive, collaborative culture and a workplace where our teams are inspired and challenged – with the resources and support they need to succeed.

Steven Traylor

Senior Neurology Account Specialist

“To work for an organization that is dedicated to helping improve lives is extremely gratifying. To know that you play a part in helping someone’s day be just a little bit better is priceless. Being in sales and the face of Adamas to my customers, I’m fortunate that I get to hear firsthand how our product can dramatically make a difference for so many.”

Tracy Nguyen

Senior Accountant, Finance

“Adamas’ core strength is its people. Smart, generous with their knowledge, committed, funny, dependable, and all team players. And Adamas is the ideal place for anyone willing to learn! If you like being a sponge, Adamas is rife with knowledge to soak up.”

Jill Brians

Senior Manager, Commercial Quality Control

“I have had the opportunity to work with people who are smart, caring, thoughtful, and who collaborate with grace and a great sense of humor. My manager and team give me the independence and support I need to do my job and to grow in my role.”

Scott Madsen

Senior Director, Technical Operations

“I love working at Adamas because of the focus on improving the lives of patients and their caregivers, which is discussed regularly and always drives decision making within the organization. Finding your “why” is a critical part of transforming a job or career into a vocation, and the “why” is always front and center at Adamas. Couple that with a team of highly skilled, collaborative, communicative colleagues, and the result is that Adamas is a great place to work and see true meaning in what you do every day.”

Supporting the neurology community

Our passion, commitment and connection to helping people affected by neurological diseases goes well beyond our office walls. Our work extends beyond the development and delivery of medicines – we are committed to playing an active role in the communities that we serve through advocacy and education programs, providing educational resources, and information to make a difference. We recognize the importance of integrating the many patient voice into all aspects of our work, and value our direct engagement with advocates and communities.

Collaborations and partnerships are fundamental to how Adamas can help improve patients’ lives by filling unmet needs and make an impact through meaningful support to the organizations, initiatives, and causes that reflect our mission, values and strategic focus.

Davis Phinney Foundation For Parkinson’s

Adamas is a proud sponsor of the Davis Phinney Foundation’s dyskinesia program, focusing on educating the Parkinson’s community about the social and emotional impact of dyskinesia on people with Parkinson’s and their care partners. Two posts are now on the Davis Phinney Foundation blog – When Parkinson’s dyskinesia feels embarrassing and The difference between dyskinesia and tremor – along with an educational webinar.

APDA Virtual Optimism Walks

Adamas was a proud partner and sponsor for the American Parkinson’s Disease Association Optimism Walks on August 29, 2020 – a virtual grassroots event raising funds and supporting the PD communities in Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

Adamas on the Move challenge to raise funds for Parkinson’s Foundation Moving Days

For Parkinson’s Disease Awareness month, Adamas employees raised over $16K in a month-long moving challenge to support Parkinson’s Foundation’s Moving Day event. Moving Days are held around the U.S. to raise awareness and funds to support the Parkinson’s Foundation. Adamas is a proud national sponsor – “Those who move change the world.”

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