Grants & giving

Serving and supporting the wider neurological disease community is a key part of our core mission

Clara, person with Parkinson’s, dancer & origamist

Our goal is to help break down barriers between patients and the medicines they need and make a meaningful difference to peoples’ lives.

Adamas independent medical education

Adamas is dedicated to supporting the enhancement of treatment outcomes in patients with Parkinson’s disease and addressing medical education needs.

Independent educational initiatives eligible for consideration must be designed to improve patient health outcomes by addressing unmet medical educational needs of health care professionals in areas focusing on Parkinson’s disease, and particularly motor complications.

Our grant approval process complies with all applicable regulations and industry codes. Individuals and healthcare professionals, including group practices and customers, may not receive Adamas Medical Education Grants. Adamas does not provide Medical Education Grants for any commercial purpose.

General guidelines

  • All requestors must fill out a Medical Education Grant Request Form
  • Requests and all supporting documents MUST be submitted to at least 60 days prior to event
  • A review of the request will be completed by the Medical Education Grants team
  • The requestor will receive a response via email of a decision

Organizations eligible for education grants

  • Academic/medical institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Medical societies
  • Professional associations
  • Medical educational companies

Requirements for grant submission

In addition to a completed Medical Education Grant request form, information needed includes:

  • Letter of request
  • Organizational information
  • Program/activity information (agenda, itinerary, program brochure, etc.)
  • Educational need, learning objective, and expected outcome of program

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